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Christy "Luxury Microfibre" Duvet

Christy "Luxury Microfibre" Duvet


Christy "Luxury Microfibre" Duvet.

Filled with a fine hollowfibre, complemented by a peach finish cover with excellent draper qualities. The duvet is machine washable, non-allergenic. Made in the UK.

Hollowfibre and Microfibre is made from polyester, which is derived from oil-based products.

Microfibre is made from very fine polyester, creating a soft and lightweight filling.

Hollowfibre is an affordable fibre with a hollow core, hence its name. This hollow core traps the air creating a warm duvet.  It is non-allergenic and washable. 

These fibres have been developed over the years and the quality has improved to provide much finer and softer fibres. The fibres can be made into clusters or balls creating a synthetic version of down.  

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