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    Culti Culti "Refill Oil" for Diffusers (1000ml)

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    An exclusive, classy bottle in PET for refilling your favourite essences. Aramara: A sunny day in the countryside, infused with the reassuring aroma of citrus peel. The scent of the fruits is dispersed and remains suspended between a pleasant bitterness and a candied sweetness, just like some of life’s moments. Mareminerale: The sun rises above the sea: footsteps land softly on the shore, absorbing the pungent energy of iodine and the damp smell of driftwood smoothed by the rocking of the waves. The vigour of a dawn walk along the water’s edge. Mountain: The cosy atmosphere of a mountain chalet, with the warm logs in the fireplace giving off their delicate, slightly balsamic, almost oriental aroma. Ode Rosae: Paying homage to the nobility of the rose, the queen of the garden; bowing down to touch the untamed power of her wood, letting her stirring delicacy go to your head. A flower for men. Supreme Amber: a soft sunset at the end of September in the middle of a park, when the summer slowly fades into autumn. The warm atmosphere made sparkling by a fresh breeze. Tessuto: Walking through a cotton field, hands open, caressing the fluffy bolls. Touching the lightness of fine silk weaves and natural linens on Lake Como; closing your eyes and breathing in their cool, reassuring texture. Feeling at home, always.

    2 in stock

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