Velfont believes in the power of combining tradition with innovation. In addition to their decades of experience, they are passionate about doing things well, choosing the best raw materials, and producing to the highest quality standards. With the latest textile technology, Velfont anticipates consumer needs and provides better and more innovative products. Velfont is the largest European manufacture of mattress and pillow protection products and has the licence for NASA sleep solutions under the Outlast brand.

The Velfont Company believes that good sleep is essential to maintaining well-being and leading a healthier lifestyle. Rest and, specifically, bed protection products are priority for them. In order to promote sustainable practices throughout the manufacturing process, the company is driven by the sustainable soul and offers many recycled and environmentally friendly products.

All raw materials are untreated (free of solvents and other chemicals), renewable, and recyclable.


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  • Last stock! Velfont "Yeti" Duvet with Cotton Cover And Synthetic Filling in White

    Velfont Velfont "Yeti" Duvet with Cotton Cover And Synthetic Filling in White

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    Velfont "Yeti" Duvet with Cotton Cover And Synthetic Filling in White Velfont's Yeti duvet is ideal for people who experience temperature and humidity changes during the night. With a Neotherm® filling that is soft and lightweight, this lofty duvet can be machine-washed.By regulating a thermal balance, the Outlast® cotton cover helps you sleep undisturbed. This material was originally developed for NASA to balance temperature changes, and it absorbs, stores, and releases heat during sleep stages. Excess heat will be absorbed and distributed throughout the fabric, but when the body temperature cools, it will be released. Throughout the night, natural temperature changes are buffered by this method. Composition: Front: 100% Outlast® cotton. Reverse: 100% cotton Filling: 100% Neotherm® polyester Tog:  4.5 Made in Spain Care instructions:  Washable at 40°C in a large capacity machine. Low-temperature tumble drying is recommended. Ironing is not recommended

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    Dhs. 769 - Dhs. 1,849

  • Velfont "Respira" 100% Organic Cotton Fitted Sheets in White & Cream (Multiple Sizes)

    47 in stock

    Dhs. 279 - Dhs. 499

  • Velfont "Viscofresh" Pillow

    Velfont Velfont "Viscofresh" Pillow

    137 in stock

    Velfont "Viscofresh" viscoelastic pillow is made with a high-density viscoelastic core of medium-low firmness and a double cover of 100% cotton thermo-regulating fabric, with NASA-developed technology applied to cotton fabric, resulting in an exclusive and unique product. A thermo-regulating fabric absorbs, stores, and releases the heat we release, creating an individualized comfort zone. A constant microclimate is maintained, neither too cold nor too hot. Its viscoelastic core provides restful sleep by adapting perfectly to the curvature of the neck. Furthermore, the perforations allow air to circulate inside the pillow, making it more breathable. A medium-low firmness pillow is ideal for medium-sized people who sleep on their backs, large-sized people who sleep on their stomachs, or small-sized people who sleep on their sides.Composition:Cover fabric 100% Outlast® thermo-regulating cottonInner fabric 100% cottonFilling 100% viscoelastic high density polyurethane

    137 in stock

    Dhs. 699

  • Velfont "Bambluxe" Pillow

    Velfont Velfont "Bambluxe" Pillow

    16 in stock

    Velfont "Bambluxe" Pillow The pillow is made from striped fabric with bamboo filling and has a high absorption capacity. The combination of bamboo and Neotherm® conjugated siliconized hollow fibers provides exclusive flexibility. With its striped design, this pillow combines cotton fabric and bamboo fabric, i.e. a double envelope made of 100% natural fabrics. Ideal pillow for people of average build who sleep on their sides or for people of large build who sleep on their backs. Composition: Pillow with pillowcase and zipperStriped fabric and filling made from bamboo viscose Made in Spain

    16 in stock

    Dhs. 269

  • Velfont "Yeti" Pillow

    Velfont Velfont "Yeti" Pillow

    236 in stock

     Velfont "Yeti" Pillow This Velfont Yeti Thermoregulator Pillow features 100% cotton thermoregulator fabric on one side and 100% cotton fabric on the other. In order to create the thermo-regulating fabric, NASA applied the most innovative technology to cotton fabric. A constant microclimate throughout the night is created by the thermo-regulating fabric, which moderates temperature changes and humidity that can disturb sleep. It shouldn't be too cold or too hot. Filling based on siliconed and conjugated hollow fiber Neotherm® gives it volume, lightness, softness, silk touch, elasticity, and optimal swelling. Composition: 100% cotton thermo-regulating fabricFilling based on Neotherm® conjugated siliconized hollow fiber Made in Spain

    236 in stock

    Dhs. 385

  • Velfont "Active" Anti-Dustmite Standard Pillow White

    Velfont Velfont "Active" Anti-Dustmite Standard Pillow White

    159 in stock

    Velfont "Active" Anti-Dustmite Standard Pillow White Acarsan Natural anti-dust mite treatment with plant extracts is used in the Velfont Visconube Anti-dust Mite viscoelastic pillow, with a viscoelastic core of soft adaptation and a cotton pillowcase with a wash resistant efficacy. The double-zipped cover is made of ultra-soft microfiber and has an embossed design that's easy to remove for optimal maintenance. Velfont's anti-dust mite range is certified by the prestigious British foundation Allergy UK, as well as by the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SEAIC), ensuring that Velfont's Acarsan Natural range reduces dust mite proliferation and maintains its effectiveness over time.TEC (Technique Environment Consultants), a European reference laboratory for dust mite studies, has clinically tested this anti-dust mite effectiveness after washing.Composition:Cover fabric 100% Acarsan Natural® anti-dust mite polyester microfiberInner fabric 100% cottonFilling 100% viscoelastic high density polyurethane Made in Spain

    159 in stock

    Dhs. 229

  • Velfont "Visconfort" Standard Memory Foam Pillow White

    188 in stock

    Dhs. 429

  • Velfont "Viscofresh Max" Memory Foam Pillow Extra High 17Cm

    Velfont Velfont "Viscofresh Max" Memory Foam Pillow Extra High 17Cm

    107 in stock

    Velfont "Viscofresh Max" Memory Foam Pillow Viscofresh Max has extra height to provide adequate head and neck support is an anatomical pillow that adapts to the contours of your body as accurately as possible, providing maximum comfort. It is made of 100% thermoregulating cotton on one side, and 100% cotton on the other, and contains the Outlast system.A thermoregulating fabric developed by NASA based on advanced technologies. This creates a comfortable microclimate throughout the night by buffering temperature and humidity changes.A special formula for the Velfont trademark created high-density VISCO foam as the pillow filler. Innovating technologies are used to manufacture the foam, which ensures its quality, high resilience, perfect adaptation, and head and neck support. Air is circulated freely in VISCO foam, preventing heat buildup and ensuring restful sleep. Composition: Outer cover fabric: 100% Outlast® cotton. Cover inner fabric: 100% cotton. Padding: high-density Visco foam.

    107 in stock

    Dhs. 759

  • Velfont "Igloo" Quilted Pillow Protector

    97 in stock

    Dhs. 329

  • Velfont "Babylon" Mattress Protector Bamboo White

    96 in stock

    Dhs. 299 - Dhs. 329

  • Velfont "Eco Aqua" Mattress Protector in White (Multiple Sizes)

    37 in stock

    Dhs. 279 - Dhs. 389

  • Velfont "Motion Reversible" Quilted Mattress Protector White (Multiple Sizes)

    28 in stock

    Dhs. 439 - Dhs. 599


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