Read the Story about linenobsession

Read the Story about linenobsession

To have the best quality linen. To surprise and delight our customers.

Who is the company behind us?

We are a home textiles company operating in the beautiful city of Dubai since 2008, specialising in European and American brands. We have launched several famous home textiles brands in the Middle East over the past fifteen years. We are expert in tailoring European quality bedlinen to suit our local requirements. Our company is called Linen Obsession Textile Trading LLC, our office is in Dubai, UAE.

Our team:

Our Senior management team has extensive experience working with some of the most famous bed  linen brands in the world.

Our Vision

To become the best place to shop for linen in the Middle East. To have the best quality linen. To surprise and delight our customers. To be a great place for our team to work.

Why is quality linen important?

Many people think quality linen is a luxury, we think it’s an essential part of enjoying life!

Great quality linen makes you smile and de-stress as soon as you pop into bed… it’s great for relaxation and "unwinding".

There is also a practical side to good linen: high quality cotton will breathe better whilst you sleep. Regulating the temperature around the body is crucial to maintain longer periods of healing “deep sleep”, which means you will wake up feeling more refreshed and rejuvenated.

Beautiful cotton against your skin is your reward.. at the end of your busy day.

We also offer the highest quality silk sheets.

Linen Obsession

Why should you buy from Linen Obsession?

Because we are linen experts! We know the local taste and bed sizes, whether you are a local or ex-pat. We have some of the best brands. We have stores where you can go to check out our products. We have a local office in Dubai. This website is owned and managed by a company who have been a supplier to some of the best linen and department stores in the Middle East for the past ten years. And we know the factories who supply the famous luxury hotels with their beautiful linen.

Because we are obsessed with quality linen, and passionate about cotton.

How to shop our website

1. We have a wide range of products! Most customers let our trained linen consultants help by recommending linen options that suits their preferences and budget. Whatsapp or call us on +971 50 386 0307

2. You can "Shop by Product Category" i.e. bed linen or towels.

3. You can also "Shop by Brand" or search by a design name, that you saw promoted on our social media.

 Check our “where to shop” link or contact our customer service team to find the showroom closest to you.

Our pricing policy

We aim for our website to have the same retail prices and promotional sales periods, as the stores in the Middle East. Please contact us if you have any feedback. We love all feedback, good or otherwise. Use our floating "Contact Us" button to let us know.

How can we improve?

Please tell us how we can improve. We love to hear feedback, so we can serve you better. Use our floating "Contact Us" button.


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