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  • Sale -25%Last stock! Kauffmann "Wildside" Wild Silk Filled Duvets - Light 4.5 TOG

    Kauffmann "Wildside" Wild Silk Filled Duvets - Light 4.5 TOG

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    Kauffmann "Wildside" Wild Silk Filled Duvets - Light 4.5 TOG Kauffman "Wildside" Silk 4.5 tog Duvet - Light warmth rating. Wild silk grows naturally and is ideal for people with low heat requirements, or suffering from allergies. Silk is a very low allergy product as it does not attract mould or dust mites.  Our silk duvets are quilted with covers made of fine maco Egyptian cotton sateen, which supports the natural characteristics of wild silk and also has very smooth touch.  90 degree corners for a perfect fit in Duvet Covers. Particularly snug for sleeping due to the body zone quilting pattern, which is designed to hug your body to help maintain a consistent body temperature. Composition: Filling: Fine tussah 100% wild silk Fabric, environmentally friendly as it is collected from nature. Cover: is Fine maco Egyptian cotton sateen 295 thread count 100% cotton.  Made in Germany.

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    Dhs. 1,550Dhs. 1,160  - Dhs. 1,899Dhs. 1,420

  • Sale -25% Kauffmann "Linen" Light Quilted Duvets

    Kauffmann "Linen" Light Quilted Duvets

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    Kauffmann "Linen" Light Quilted Duvets KAUFFMANN Linen duvets feature an exceptionally soft, smooth linen filling that is both durable and tear-resistant. Its special structure allows it to absorb moisture effectively, providing a cooling and sleep-promoting effect on hot nights as well as a dry and pleasant sleeping environment. In addition to its natural antibacterial properties, linen fibre also gives the sleeper a feeling of hygiene. Composition: 100 fine mako satin, 100% Egyptian cotton sateen cover. Filling is 60% finest linen fibres, 40% natural cotton Made in Germany.

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    Dhs. 899Dhs. 670  - Dhs. 1,899Dhs. 1,420

  • Sale -25% Kauffmann "Camel Hair"  Quilted Filled Duvets

    Kauffmann "Camel Hair" Quilted Filled Duvets

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    The camel hair filling makes this duvet unbelievably lightweight, snug and gives it its outstanding heat insulation and the ability to transport moisture rapidly. Together with the fine cover fabric, this creates a pleasant and soft feeling for you when sleeping. Composition: fine maco sateen 295 thread count, 100% cotton, Soft camel hair, 100% camel hair , Warmth category light/medium/warm, 90° corner processing for a perfect fit in the bed line. Made in Germany.

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    Dhs. 1,999Dhs. 1,495  - Dhs. 2,499Dhs. 1,870

duvets and pillows filled with cotton, silk, bamboo, camel hair or linen fibres


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