Which Thread Count Should I Buy?

It can be difficult for people to understand which “Thread count” they should buy.

Our Linen Expert, Pamela Opie, has put together the following recommendations for you…

What to buy for your kids beds: we recommend 180 to 230 Thread Count for premium kids bedding. It's a strong & long lasting fabric – as kids tend to kick and play in their linen much more than us adults. If you want an “easy care” option that you don’t have to iron, you might consider a polyester/cotton blend fabric for their room. Definately a "percale" fabric will be stronger than "sateen". 

Click LINK to shop for Kids bedlinen - https://bit.ly/2XBR5J7

Which Thread Count to buy for your teenage/adult kids: we recommend 180 to 300 Thread Count: 200 TC is more affordable and still good quality, whilst 250 or 300 TC is a better quality option (a nice combination of a strong fabric with a soft feel). We recommend to look at our "Esprit" or "KIngsley" bedlinen. 

What to buy for your guest room: we recommend 250 to 300 Thread Count is a perfect quality for guest rooms, where you want your guest to have really nice linen, but you may not wish to spend too much. 400TC is a more luxury option.

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What to buy for your master bedroom (mum and dad’s room): we recommend 300 to 500 Thread Count for the sheets & pillowcases that you’ll sleep on. The duvet cover design should be a design that you simply like, but check that the back of the duvet cover (or comforter) is 100% cotton, particularly if you don’t use a flat sheet. Try our 400 Thread Count Christy “Sateen” sheets.

Click LINK to shop for Christy 400 Thread Count Sheets - https://bit.ly/2TGWptf

If you like a “luxury feel” then try our fabulous our premium quality 500 or 900 Thread Count sateens, which are made in Portugal for the ultimate luxury bed.

See LINK to shop for Christy 500 Thread Count sheets - https://bit.ly/2XAUEin  See LINK to shop for Christy 900 Thread Count sheets- https://bit.ly/3gxeXX1

Remember the higher the thread count, the thinner the cotton threads are. So "extra-fine" "High Thread Count" sheets will require more careful washing - i.e. wash any fabrics over 500 thread count separately, and not with any items with zips or "hook & eye" fasteners. Also avoid overfilling the washing machine.


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