Linen Obsession at Sleep Expo 2023

Linen Obsession at Sleep Expo 2023

, by Pamela Opie, 7 min reading time


Linen Obsession, the sleep expert known for its high-quality bed linen, will exhibit at Sleep Expo, the leading tradeshow for the sleep and mattress industry in the Middle East.

First established in 2008, Linen Obsession has been selling a wide range of bedding and home linen through shop-inside-shop branded areas inside famous department stores for the past for 10 years, plus wholesale to other retailers. It is known for its expert team,  breadth and depth of product range which includes sought-after brands, from the finest Egyptian cotton to washable silk in US, UK and GCC sizes.  

Pamela Lilburne Opie, Founder and CEO of Linen Obsession, will be present at the exhibition and will be giving a public talk entitled: “Why Sleep is so Important” and “How We can Help People to Sleep Better”. Quality sleep is crucial for our physical and mental wellbeing, and many people struggle to get a solid eight hours sleep each night. We need to create the best possible conditions for a good night’s sleep, which is not simply about going to bed early. All parents know about the value of a bedtime routine to set up good sleep for children, and about the importance of a supportive sleep environment. It’s time to recognise that this need doesn’t go away as we get older.


The five secrets to a better night’s sleep  

  1. Understanding the benefits of maintaining a regular sleep routine

A good sleep routine becomes a signal to the body to relax and detach from the busy day and can help with insomnia. It can include physical steps to destress and relax as well as magnesium products, essential oils, or natural fragrances. In the hour before bedtime, food and alcohol intake, activity level, light and sound all play an important role in setting the scene for a great night’s sleep.

  1. Creating the right environment for a great night’s sleep

Check your foundations -the right supportive mattress, pillows, and duvet are crucial for a good night’s sleep. Mattresses should be suitable to each person and need to be turned regularly to extend their lifespan. Pillows should be selected by the individual based upon how they sleep, as a side sleeper will need a deeper option than a front or back sleeper. People who prioritise back care should look for a contour pillow for better back alignment, whilst there are some wonderful hybrid options available in feather and down pillows which offer both a supportive inner core and a soft outer down layer. 

  1. Temperature Regulation

Most people sleep better at a cooler temperature, but the AC rarely remains at the right temperature all night long. Many people wake up due to overheating and remove the covers, only to wake up again from the cold. This destroys deep sleep patterns. There are several technologically advanced solutions for better temperature regulation in pillows, duvets, pillow and mattress covers which can all help to create an ideal environment for long, healthy sleep. As people get older, their body temperature can become more difficult to maintain during sleep. Linen Obsession is proud to be the Middle East Distributor of Velfont quality mattress protectors and bedding from Spain, which uses NASA Outlast technology to naturally regulate body temperature.

  1. Manage allergies!

Anyone waking up feeling more tired than when they went to bed, or with red or itchy eyes, should check if they have created an allergy and dust mite free zone. Innovative and simple solutions exist for those affected by allergies, and Linen Obsession can provide expert advice. Linen Obsession have several allergy free options, due to special materials selected, or natural or safe anti-allergy treatments made to pillows, duvets and mattress protection products.

  1. The importance of natural or organic products

Know your sleep priority – what is important for you? The climate in the GCC makes it more important than ever to ensure people choose breathable fabrics. Cotton is the best fibre for coolness, whilst silk is a great choice for skin and hair. The best duvet filling is feather and down, but there are other great alternatives, and they should be in a weight that suits each person’s preferred sleeping style. Some people like cool AC all year round, while others prefer to sleep with the window open in the winter. The bedding options stocked in bedding store should reflect the wide range of preferences by individual customers.

Linen Obsession supplies wholesale partners with quality ranges of pillows, duvets, mattress and pillow protectors, bed linen to suit their customers’ preferences and price range.


Linen Obsession’s Flagship stores in Mirdiff City Centre, Dubai and Reem Island, Abu Dhabi

The Linen Obsession flagship stores have been designed with a central space for welcoming customers or interior designers to sit and discuss their requirements with the knowledgeable team, while a cosy nook allows children to watch videos while their parents shop. Shelves are arranged by product type and colour rather than brand, making it simple for customers to compare like for like, at the price point they prefer.  For example all white or cream sheet options are displayed together.

The luxury bed linen, high thread count sheets, bath towels, pillow, and duvet display has been complimented by the introduction of quality wellness products, all designed to help their customers to create an ideal sanctuary and beautiful environment for sleeping.

Pamela said “I am so excited about our Stand-Alone store concept, which is dedicated to great sleep. The store showcases many wonderful, authentic brands, many with a great history. Lovely linen is one of life’s essential luxuries. All our wellness products are very natural, many are organic or vegan and have been designed by passionate people creating products for a purpose, for example using aromatherapy to improve sleep, sourcing local ingredients, or using sustainable materials.

“Over the years, Linen Obsession has developed a loyal client base who have told us exactly what they’re looking for - and what they can’t find in the UAE market. This store will allow us to showcase our vast range of products and to host regular customer workshops to educate our customers. We aim to continue to introduce innovative sleep solutions based on science.”

 The store is truly multi-channel – which means that all products can be purchased in the dedicated digital shopping area in store or via the website, which showcases the full array of Linen Obsession’s vast collection of linen, bedding, wellness and home fragrance products.


About Linen Obsession

Great sleep is the foundation for a great day. Linen Obsession is passionate about quality and aims to bring great sleep to all its clients across the Middle East. Operating from its home base in Dubai since 2008, it offers high quality home textiles and accessories as well as custom made sleep solutions. With unrivalled expertise in the local market, Linen Obsession stocks UK, US, and GCC standard sizing, real five-star hotel quality bedding and a great range of natural wellness and home fragrance products. 


Phone: +971 4 399 1890



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