Linen Obsession - Let's get Phygital

Linen Obsession - Let's get Phygital

, by Pamela Opie, 1 min reading time

IMAGES Retail ME is a well-known publication showcasing insights about the retail industry in the Middle East. It covers topics such as retail trends, innovations and business strategies of companies operating in the Middle East.

Linen Obsessions' innovative 'Phygital' retail strategy that was featured in the magazine, where we integrate the retail mall and digital shopping experiences. Our CEO & Founder, Pamela Lilburne Opie, emphasizes the unique position of Linen Obsession as a dedicated sleep solutions provider offering deep technical advice on linen, bedding, and natural home fragrances. Where we tailor our service to suit exactly how each customer would like to be served,

Customers can conveniently order online or through WhatsApp for home delivery, or visit the flagship store.. Linen Obsession's B2B strategy complements our commitment to be the best linen and bedding specialists, offering tailored solutions and trained staff to maximize sales and customer satisfaction.

Our 'Phygital' model extends to B2B partners, providing comprehensive ecommerce support and diverse size options to meet the unique market requirements in the Gulf. We aim to deliver a blend of in-store product experiences and online shopping convenience, catering to the high service expectations of the Gulf retail market.

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